Do you believe in life after love?

Heyy, I'm Megan and I'm 17. I'm from the North East of England, near a little city called Newcastle. It's quite clear that I have a rather unhealthy obsession with The Vampire Diaries and with many many boybands! I have so many things lined up for me to do this year and I'm not going to let anything get in my way because life is way too short. Also I've recently learned that whatever doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger. Remember that.

Anonymous asked: Omg that's so cool that we're going at the same time :p im staying in the canadian apartment hotel. Are you getting the shuttle bus or taxi to your hotel when you arrive in zante?

I knowwww so strange!! Hotel looks nice :) I’m stopping in spyros studios.. Ermmm taxi. You??

Anonymous asked: Well, you can say whatever you want but the writers gave both SE and DE a supernatural force that affected their relationships. To SE, they gave a curse that forced them to come together and feel like they'd found true love. With DE, they gave a bond that formed from Elena's human feelings for Damon. Feelings that only heightened when she transitioned. Feelings that completely obliterated her romantic feelings for Stefan. One was fake. One was real. That tells me which couple is the love story.



We don’t even know the full story of the doppelganger prophecy yet. And if what Markos said is true, there is no doppelganger prophecy. It did not affect their love for each other, why do you refuse to understand this? It was the spell that he cast that was drawing them together in the moment. It was causing the dreams. It did not make them fall in love.

Anonymous asked: Well I go on the 8th of june and im leaving from Stanstead airport :) and im already 18 :p when are you going?

Haha aw I go on the 8th of June aswell from Newcastle :)

  • Britain: So we have the Olympics.
  • Britain: And Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Britain: And James Bond.
  • Britain: And the Queen.
  • Britain: And Danny Boyle.
  • Britain: And Kenneth Branagh.
  • Britain: And ducks and shit.
  • Britain: And Women's rights.
  • Britain: And free healthcare.
  • Britain: And JK FUCKING ROWLING.
  • Britain: And Voldemort, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan..
  • Britain: And the Beatles and amazing music.
  • Britain: And Rowan Atkinson.
  • America: We have freedom.
  • Britain: We do too.
  • America: Well shit.
  • Britain: *hums God save the queen, drinks boatloads of tea and strokes corgi*
  • Britain: Oh, also...We created the internet.